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Designed Specifically
Designed specifically for the care and maintenance of natural stone.

What customers are saying...

“Thank you for solving my countertop stain issue. Ya know, customer service is something you don't see much of up here. And thanks for spending so much time with me. I was really stressed worring about the counter top. I'm sure we will talk again. :)”

Candy Loura,
Taunton, Massachusetts

“I purchased your Stone Sealer kit online....WOW Free came with sealer, cleaner, polish and a Stone Essentials Care Guide to let me know how to take care of my stone in my kitchen and bath. The Stone Sealer was easy to apply and works unbelievable, the Daily Cleaner with Protector works great, and the Countertop Polish makes my kitchen countertop shine without that greasy feeling. Everything I needed to take care of my stone. Fantastic products Stone Essentials."

Elizabeth O'Rourke,
Boston, Massachusetts

“I have used many products for the daily cleaning for my granite countertops but none work as good as yours. Thank you.”

Marjorie Sorian,
Tampa Bay, Florida

“Dear Stone Essentials... your products are really terrific. We tried everything possible to clean our ceramic tile in our rental unit but nothing worked. We paid a contractor to clean it and it was better but still it did not look great. Our neighbor introduced us to a professional cleaning company and they used Stone Essentials, Stone & Tile Restore and it almost looks like new now.  Unbelievable!”

Mark Sanchez
Medford, Oregon

“I am a prominent fabricator in San Juan Capistrano, California. I received a sample of Stone Essentials, Stone Sealer Solvent-based and I treated a white marble as a test piece. After the sealer cured I tried to scrub it with a solvent (MEK) over and over again to make it break down. I tested it afterward and it repelled great. What a product!”

San Juan Capistrano CA

“I just love your Daily Cleaner with Protector and Countertop Polish to maintain my granite. It leaves my countertops looking as they did when they were first installed. The Countertop Polish also leaves my stainless steel appliances streak free without fingerprint marks! Great products Stone Essentials!

Grace Stien,
Huntington, New York

“I applied your Exterior Stone Sealer two years ago on my stone apron around my salt water pool and it is still repelling water and stains. Considering the heat and elements of the hot Texas sun, I thought it would act like the big box sealers I had used in the past, not very good. What a pleasant surprise. What a great product. I would recommend your Exterior Stone Sealer anytime!"

Jearyl Johnson,
Austin, Texas

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